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Book Reviews

Visitors to Tylers' Territory know of our love of travel. Books open a whole new world to the arm-chair traveler. In this world, we are not limited to geography and sightseeing, but we can visit explore human relationships, and learn about anything that is of interest at the moment. Come see what books have captured our interests recently.

Tylers' Travels

is a collection of pictures
from our travels in North America
and around the world.
These pictures can inspire
some to visit the locations,
instruct those who plan to visit,
and invoke pleasant memories
among those who have.

Those who don't travel find
enjoyment in taking vicarious
trips with us.

Fabulous Foods

is a collection of some of
our favorite recipes.
You are invited to
sample them. They are
formatted to print so
that you can cut them out
and tape them to 3" X 5"
index cards.

Computer Tips

This is a place where computer newcomers can discover some of the basics. The section includes some tips and some tutorials on how-to accomplish some basic tasks.

Our Family Album

began as a project to preserve our
family pictures and share them
with our children.

It is becoming a pictorial family
genealogical record without the
statistics. We have collected
a few pieces of the genealogical
record from family members.
Those are presented along
with the pictures.

Friends & Flowers

Everyone likes to see their friends on TV. We do the next best thing and present a few friends among some of the flowers we have enjoyed at our West Texas home. We must choose plants by their ability to survive the summer heat in addition to the possible winter cold. We choose friends just as carefully. Some are presented in pictures to be enjoyed the year around.


This sections includes articles
from Userfriendly, the newsletter
of the Permian Basin Computer Users Group.

The articles were written by the
members, and include some tips
and traps of the world of computers.

The History Pictures

are from the family collections,
and are of historical interest.
They are not necessarily of family

These pictures are presented so
that the younger viewers can see
how it was back then...

Or, how it will be in the future.
Check for new content.

Our Home

We recently moved
to a new home.
These pictures show
the process of making
a former model home
our own.


One is a MS Access program written by Pat Tyler. It is a software catalog, and presented for your instruction.

Another is an illustrated set of instructions by Steve Dudley on how to use WinZip to make compressed ZIP files. Steve also shows you how to extract files to make them usable.

The Free Stuff

includes software
programs written by Pat Tyler.

They were written
mostly as learning projects
for her instruction
and presented for your enjoyment
or instruction.

Computer Tips
Our Family Album
Friends and Flowers


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