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Weights & Measures    Tables of weights and measures in html format

68 KB  

These tables include 27 categories of weights and measures and their equivalents. To make these tables available on your computer, in your browser, just click File | Save As ... and navigate to a convenient place on your hard drive.


Easy Poker    a video poker game for 32-bit Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XT/Vista

817 KB  

Easy Poker is easy for anyone who has ever played poker. The player starts with $1000 and trys his luck. Click the ? near the upper right corner of the window for an About box that has a button to open a short help window. It doesn't teach the game of poker, simply how to navigate Easy Poker.


SoftCat    Instructions for a sample Microsoft Access application described below.

348 KB

Software Catalog     This is the working Microsoft Access database file for the instructions above.

205 KB

SoftCat (Software Catalog) gives instructions to build a relational database computer software cataloging system that can fairly easily be copied and converted for use in a number of other applications. The zip file contains the HTML files and the images to run the web pages on a local computer.


Meeting Poster     PowerPoint 97 Source

36 KB

This is the PowerPoint 97 source file for the Meeting Poster presentation discussed in the Editor's Notes of UserFriendly newsletter.


Sample watermark    Word 97 Document

37 KB

At our February meeting, one of the members wanted to know how to create a watermark on a document. Time ran out and we didn't get this accomplished. Here it is with instructions that are short and to the point.


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