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Sydney Harbour

Trip Day Thirty-one: Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Our Course Is Set For Darling Harbour.

The Beautiful Sydney Skyline
Fort Denison

This islet was once 49 feet in elevation. The limestone was quarried to build the circular quay. Then it was later fortified with one of the last Martello Towers to be built in the world. Ironically, the limestone to build the tower had to be brought from near Kurraba Point, Neutral Bay.

Now a tourist attraction, the tower's gunroom still has three 8-inch muzzle-loading cannons positioned before the stonework was completed in 1857. Due to the narrow passages leading to the gun room, the cannons cannot be removed without dismantling the stone work.
Sydney's Famous Opera House
The water taxi appears to lead us to the bridge.
The North Shore

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