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Queensland, Australia

Enroute to Port Douglas

Trip Day Thirty-five: Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Fields

Judging from this picture, we can assume that sugar cane is a crop that grows year around and crops are ready for harvest periodically. Here, we see a center strip ready for planting, harvesting on the right, and young growing plants on the left.

Sugar Cane Farm

Fields are in two stages of growth in this picture.

Modern Harvester

Sugar cane used to be a very labor-intensive crop. That was the reason for the slave imports from Africa to the islands of the Carribbean Sea where the major crop was sugar cane. Then it was distilled into rum and exported to Europe and North America. The Hawaiian islands were a major source of cane sugar, and they imported Chinese, Japanese, and Portugese men to handle the sugar cane, and the pineapple crops too. Do you remember C & H Sugar, 'Pure cane sugar from Hawaii'?


This round-about puts us on the coastal highway for the trip north.

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